Stary Night Project

Why the stars?

I’ve always been facinated by the stars. When I was a kid every year I asked Santa to let me go to Space Camp. I wanted to learn to be an astronaught.

In highschool and college I took astronomy as my lab science. I loved learning about the life cycle of stars and how the Universe was formed. To this day I still look to the sky and search for Orion, The Seven Sisters and The Big Dipper. It’s one of the things I love most about camping, very little light polution.

I’ve played with light photography in the past. I’m searching my old portfolio for more images but the two on the left below were taken this year holding my iPhone.  The cover photo was taken using the self timer and placing my phone on the hood of my truck. I’ve played with some night photograhy of buildings in the past but not much with stars and star trails. I’ve got the batteries to my Canon 90D charged, my memory cards are clear and the tri-pod is packed. I’ve got 2 different shutter remotes to play with and I’ll be sand bagging the tripod to reduce motion blur. 

I’m excited to see what I capture!

My Photos


Inspiration photos


Star Trails

Something I’ve always wanted to capture but haven’t been able to is star trails. I love the idea of literally watching the world go by as the stars circle the sky.  I’ve seen photos from mild to extreme, with foreground items (like the photo by Daniel Kondrashin to the right) and others without.  Star trails are not easy to catch due to the long shutter and the amount of time something could go wrong. Wind is another factor. Even a slight breeze when a shutter is open that long can cause blurry images. To combat this I’m going to use a weighted bag at the center of my tripod to stabolize it as much as possible. I’m really excited to see what I can capture this next New Moon!

star trails photo